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Croatia Ferry

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Travelling to Croatia? Having difficulties planning your trip searching for ferry schedules and route maps? Or, you might be missing having a timetable at hand for a quick reference while enjoying your trip?Then you might find this app useful. Here you will find the widest spread of ferry operators operating in the Adriatic sea. All the international routes to/from Croatia, including all the Croatian local ferry connections. More than 60 ferry routes with corresponding maps and timetables at your fingertips, along with branch offices/authorized agencies contact info of ticket sale/booking points. Port maps with ferry departure points, so you don't lose time finding your destinations address.
Routes are searchable by regions of Croatian coast, defined by major coastal cities. If you're not familiar with Croatian places, an update is planned where you would be able to pick a route on a map.
The app is 20 MB in size, due to the fact that all the graphics and other assets - maps and timetable PDF's, are stored in-app, offline. Once you install the app this content is cached to your device, so you don't have to worry about your service provider charging you any roaming fees.
This is version 1.0 of the app, so go easy on me with the reviews. Updates will be planned as soon as ferry operators publish the changes on their websites. A cosmetic update of the app's look is also being considered. If you have any comments/bug reports/suggestions, please email me.